Online Training

A Small Win

 “I have felt pretty fatigued most days but these 25 minute workouts seem like a pretty good amount, not too much. I've been feeling a little demoralized the last few weeks with nausea and fatigue--not feeling able to exercise as much as I want. So these workouts felt like I could complete them which felt like a small win for me!“-Sarah Smith

Always happy after I finish a YFM workout

“Just finished another YFM work out! I haven’t been the best with working out during my pregnancy but YFM gives no excuses to not work out! I am able to fit a quick work out in after work in my living room with needing very little equipment. I am always happy after I finish a YFM work out and grateful to have Kayla remind me that even though I fall off the fitness plan at times it’s never too late to jump back into it :) Thanks Kayla for all of the support and encouragement!”