I look more in shape than I did before I had my baby


Kayla is a fantastic trainer! I have been told (and I feel) that I look more in shape than I did before I had my baby.  What makes her so effective is a combination of characteristics.  First, she is extremely knowledgeable! I was very afraid of getting hurt when I got back into exercising after the birth, because the truth is I was not exercising as consistently as one hopes to before it. Kayla had a great plan based on a scale of relative assertion to guide the gradual ramp up into a challenging routine.  In addition, she strikes the right balance between encouraging me and driving so hard that it isn’t fun anymore.  She deftly adjusts each work out to my mood, energy level and goals (which is important when you have a small baby and aren’t always sleeping!). Colleagues and family members have commented with awe of how in-shape I looked so quickly after giving birth.  I highly recommend Kayla for getting back your post-baby body and improving it to boot!

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