Why I became a Pre and Postnatal Specialized Trainer 


I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years, have worked at a number of different gyms and taught many different classes along the way. 

After training many pre and postpartum clients, and preparing to have my own children, I realized how little (and often times contradicting) information is available to pregnant women who want to work out. I also found that because many women aren’t sure what the safest and most effective way to workout is, causing them to do nothing, which is a huge disservice to themselves and their unborn children. 

I decided to dive in and spend months doing extensive research. I received additional certifications, read numerous books and interviewed doctors, nutritionists and moms. 

The information I found was amazing! 

Not only are there research studies that debunk outdated information, but I also learned the amazing benefits to staying healthy and fit throughout pregnancy for me and my baby! 

Did you know that women who workout during pregnancy have shown to be in better shape AFTER the baby than ever before?! …Or that babies born to mothers who worked out during pregnancy score better on stress tests during labor?! Also, if too much stress is put on the abdominal wall (often times from sit ups) it can cause your abs to split, known as Diastasis Recti, which leads to improper core function, lower back pain and the undesired ‘belly pooch”. But there are still ways to work your core to set you up for a more seamless recovery!  

I know it sounds silly but I want to shout from the rooftops everything I’ve learned!!!

After talking with many friends and clients I realized that there is a HUGE need for more classes, specialized training, and even community outings for moms and moms-to-be. 

When pregnant, a mother’s body and mind are constantly changing and almost feel like they aren’t her own. It’s important for the mom to be educated about what she should and shouldn’t be doing, how to safely and effectively work her core, prepare her for labor and recovery, etc. It’s also important for pregnant women to work with someone she can relate to; someone who has been through it all first-hand. 

I began putting together a program for prenatal and postnatal clients and when I got pregnant in September 2017, I put myself through the nine month prenatal program, followed by the Trimester 4 postnatal program after my little one arrived! 

I now run an online training program for moms and moms-to-be, personal train exclusively pre and postnatal clients, teach prenatal workshops and numerous mom and baby fitness classes! 

Educating and helping these mamas is so gratifying and brings me so much joy. However, I’m not just helping them, they’re helping me and each other as well. The community and mom-tribe we are building is the best part of what I do!!! 


Are you pregnant or recently postpartum and looking for a little extra help along the way? Let me know what you need!