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My program is designed to keep you healthy, happy & fit and give your baby the healthiest start possible

I created this program for myself, moms and moms-to-be to live fit and healthy throughout their pregnancy and to set themselves and their babies up for success during and after birth.

I have been a trainer for over 8 years and received my pre and post natal certification in 2012. Even with 8 years of training experience and a prenatal certification I still felt that the information behind working out and eating right was very unclear. I thought to myself, “If a personal trainer feels this way, how does the average mom feel?”

The Real Benefits of an Active Pregnancy

Moms who exercised during pregnancy: 

  • Gave births to babies with higher IQs

  • Had shorter labors by 1/3 , needed less emergency C sections, and fewer interventions overall

  • Were more likely to not only get back to pre-baby weight faster but also surpass their previous level of fitness!

There's no question, exercising while pregnant is crucial for your health and for the baby's

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So let's get you moving!

YFM is a home training program that you can feel comfortable and confident doing throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond!

These workouts are roughly 30 minutes long and hit almost every muscle in your body!

Efficient, effective, energizing

These expert designed workouts are long enough to give you the benefits you need without investing more time and energy than you need to.

All workouts are broken up by each trimester, modifying exercises as your pregnancy progresses. You will love feeling empowered and strong from your first workout to your last!

What You Can Expect: Support!

  • 27 different trimester specific workouts focusing on total body strengthening

  • Nutrition guide- Complete list of all the nutrients your growing baby needs, explanation of foods you shouldn’t have & why, easy & delicious recipes/menu items

  • Education about why maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is not only important you for but for your baby too!

  • Blog posts to keep you motivated and informed on everything pregnancy related to health and fitness

  • Community of moms and moms to be who can relate and support you through your journey!

Oh, and studies have shown that moms that maintain an active lifestyle during pregnancy are more likely to surpass their previous fitness level.

So no, you wont get your body back, you'll get even stronger, AND have a delicious little babe too!


Choose the level of support that's ideal for you!

Group Accountability

Individual Online Training


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YFM continues to add more programs to help you through motherhood. 

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