Congratulations Mama, Baby's Finally Here!

$149 for New members

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Now, more than ever, it is critical for your health, and for baby's to take exceptional care of YOU.


I developed this program after getting overwhelmed with requests for a more in-depth and expert approach to training once baby is earth-side.

My clients were demanding training that goes beyond gentle stretching and toning, and addresses the very real needs of  postnatal-pelvic floor health, strengthening the deep core line and reducing any Diastasis Recti, all while navigating and IMPROVING energy levels during the inevitable Tsunami-sized  hormonal shifts. 

Effective Postnatal Training is about so much more than a simple sweat.

After my own delivery, I followed (and continue to follow) this program, and it has made an enormous and measurable difference in my quality of life. 


Staying active while rehabilitating the body is the key to enjoying the precious, and challenging first year of your baby's life.


It's crucial to carve out time for yourself.

What you get:  

  • 9 Postnatal-Specific, Science-Backed Workouts

  • 24/7 Support! Feel free to reach out any time of day or night to ask questions or troubleshoot roadblocks you may be facing and offer accountability and motivation.

  • This is not an online program that you purchase and never hear from the trainer again. I’m here to support you every step of the way!

  • Nutrition guidelines & support, recipes & FitMom Favorites

  • More energy & confidence to navigate your happiest life as a new mom


How You’ll Workout

  • 30+ Minutes Each

  • Minimal Equipment (Stability ball and set of dumbbells)


These 9 workouts will take you through your entire 4th trimester. These total body strength training workouts focus on rebuilding your pelvic floor and core strength and get you ready to return to your normal routine or start a new one!

 The workouts can be done in your own home, are roughly 30 minutes and efficiently work multiple muscle groups at one time, since we know your free time is scarce right now!

Whether you had a C section or Vaginal Delivery, your program is custom to fit your every need. 


Expert Nutrition Coaching

You'll get YFM approved Recipes-- Tons of healthy, delicious and quick meals for families who are pressed on time in the kitchen. 

Bonus: If you're breast feeding, it includes foods to support your milk supply!



You'll Get Full Access to YFM's Universe!

You Also Get:

  • Education about why maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is not only important you for but for your baby too!

  • Blog posts to keep you motivated and informed on everything pre & postnatal related to health and fitness

  • Community of moms and moms to be who can relate and support you through your journey!