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Pre & Postnatal Fitness & Nutrition Training

Hey Mom... you're capable of more than you can possibly imagine.

I wasn't always a mom, and I wasn't always fit. Over the years I discovered through serious trial and error what worked for me, and then I became a professional. I'm deeply committed to propelling women out of old habits, and into healthier, happier, sustainable lives.

Here’s why it matters:


I'm your support, your coach, and your healthy-living-ally

Pregnancy is one of the most profound, intimate and thrilling seasons of your life. I'm here to support your journey through all 4 trimesters and beyond. You owe it to yourself, and to your babe to live your happiest, healthiest life through fitness & strategic even JOYFUL nutrition and lifestyle habits.

The work we'll do together is an expert-designed approach to prenatal and postnatal fitness. You'll feel seriously empowered and energized for the most exciting adventure of your life.


Reframing Your Expecting Mindset

So many women aren’t sure what is best and safe to do when it comes to moving their pregnant, evolving bodies. Some women out of fear, choose instead to do nothing, which is a huge disservice to themselves and their unborn babies. 

Unless advised by your doctor otherwise, you MUST keep moving! (You'll thank me later.)

I've created a set of tools for you to use anytime, anywhere that are designed to support your trimester of pregnancy. With minimal equipment, and zero experience necessary, I'm gonna keep you moving, and getting strong all the way up to your baby's birth day, and beyond.

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Each Trimester is a New Opportunity

But each trimester has its owns needs!

Many people will tell you to stop doing ab exercises from Day 1, or that you shouldn't let your heart rate go above a certain number, but that's where most programs fall short. There are many misconceptions that I will go over with you in this program to put you at ease during your workouts. As you enter each trimester, we will introduce new exercises and options for you to stay comfortable and efficient from workout to workout. And rest assured, I am holding your hand throughout your entire journey, as well as many other moms in the YFM community going through it all along with you! 



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